The challenges and rewards are greatest where two systems meet.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Mother Earth on the Edge

We are just back from a Re-Energizing trip to the "Edge" of Costa Rica and Panama. The beauty of Manzanillo is spectacular.

This trip hammered home the importance of Sustainability. This area was once a major Cacao producer (total mono-culture) and a fungus wiped out the crop. Now the battle concerns the balance between small Eco-tourism / small land owners and large plantations of Bananas/ and Large Hotels.  

We saw the endangered Great Green Macaw thanks to the efforts of the ARA Project -- a small staff and volunteers bring these birds back to the wild.

We also were fortunate to observe a 180 year-old female Leather Back turtle, the size of a VW beetle , lay her mass of eggs at the Gandoca Preserve. It was a life changing experience. These organisms swam with dinosaurs and our inaction (and destructive habits) could wipe them from existence.

On this Earth Day #48 it is more important than ever before to Change the Way we live. We need to reflect daily on our actions. "How can I curb CLIMATE CHANGE?"  Every small act we make is so important!

All of these beautiful organisms deserve to survive.






Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Edge of Awareness

The current trend towards "immediate information" dulls our ability to be in the present. We frequently are unaware of where our feet are touching the earth..... let alone able to see the connections taking place as we pass through our every day life.
   Here is some beauty I almost missed.

                   Banded Net-Winged Beetle

            Can anyone id. this aquatic grass in flower?.... E. Inlet Pitts. NH
                           Dew on a spider web by the garden

               And this tiny American toad almost inside an acorn cap

  An 8" brand new skin, Red Bellied snake showed up under a tarp in the lower garden

We also are very thankful for friends and their kindness. Hillary P. donated wonderful Concord grapes after ours were feasted on by "critters". 
We put up 24 quarts of Helen + Scott Nearing's grape juice.

  Our Stand Against Northern Pass had a good day at the Hearing last week. A large crowd from up North of the Notch were present for their showing of "Negative Impacts of Northern Pass".

                  The panel of Presenters were Awesome.

As we approach another winter my hope is for Peace, Justice, and Empathy

Friday, October 6, 2017

Stepping back from the edge ... being creative.

  This summer has slipped by again, out of my control. We spent too much time with Northern Pass. It took way too much of our energy ... didn't even see that one.

  I did take a wonderful Print Making course with Annette Mitchell and a cluster of amazing women artists. Yes I was the only man in the group. I learned so much. It was a real boost.

              Here is a print I did of the Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu.

I hope this can be printed as a 2 card set on 8.5x11

 Another break was the wonderful sharing that takes place in a National Writers course at P.S.U. called Writing Our Communities. We visited Fox Run Park to discover Water Scorpions and Whirligig Beetles living in an aquatic Community.

     Then there was the last Sight Evaluation Comm. Tour. They visited some sites that will be HIGHLY impacted by Northern Pass. Here is downtown Plymouth N.H. where the "proposed route" will go right under Main St.

My only hope is the SEC will listen to the people of N.H. and come out as Heroes. I do believe the majority of them have hearts.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Northern Pass Too Much to Swallow

        Northern Pass Transmission lines could be the largest disruption and scar on our "Scenic" State since Interstate I-93.

This graphic was created by Bury the Northern Pass

We have been attending Technical sessions in Concord 
since September. The top photo shows the Deerfield Aubutters. 
Below are "the Applicants'" lawyers and two "Experts".  

Then, we have taken some special walks out our door 
and down the field. This walk took us to the beaver pond 
that is on the power line Right of Way.

                Northern Pass proposes to place a 90' tower here... 
in the beaver pond.
The choice I am working on is ... not to ignore the Greedy Corporations attempting to wipe out our environment, but to change my daily focus on to the "here" and "now".
 This fellow was walking next to me in my greenhouse which has provided me with tidbits of greenery ALL winter long, heated by an aquarium heater in a 40 gallon container of water.

               I have also enjoyed helping neighbors "Tap Out"

And of course we had our own winter "Work Outs".
It is so important to be aware -- and grateful -- of the Natural Beauty around us and to keep working to preserve it.

Friday, January 6, 2017


Gretchen and I ushered in the New Year again with a Wee Bonfire and some single Malt.
We decided the way we shall make it through this "Challenging" new period Is to focus on the many good deeds people throughout the world are doing and be strong to OUR convictions..... Like fighting Northern Pass and Greedy Corporations!

This is part of Ever$ource/ Northern Pass Transmission Lines preparations for their 100 foot plus tower Monstrosities. I chose it for my entry to the "Community Photo-Club" Challenge "Depict a Song Title".  Any more you can think of?

On Hogmanay we had a visit from our great neighbor Rob. C.  He was taking his newborn Scottish Highlander for a stroll.  A First sign of a happy new year for the Neighborhood.

There does seem to be a theme about being "Wise". This Barred Owl has continued to grace us with his presence this winter.

My first full day of my "7th" decade is a beauty. I am really working on remaining in the Present Moment and enjoying the Nature that surrounds us....
...and fostering Peace within and Peace without...

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2016


This has been a very full year. 
Full of gifts and beauty...


Full of Frustration...
Then there is our role as Interveners in protecting the Pemigewasset River from the harm of this huge for-profit-project -- NORTHERN PASS TRANSMISSION LINES. It's basically an extension cord from Hydro-Quebec in Canada to Mass.,Conn., and Rhode Island. 
There goes the summer.

Being an elementary school teacher much of my life, I have dealt with "Bullies" many times. But believe me, Corporations like Ever$ource and Hydro-Quebec are the WORST. Bullies want "their" way, but if common sense communication can be used with children, it works. Not with HQ or the new Power Bully Ever$ource. Both are used to getting their own way -- no matter what.

Northern Pass is a huge money making scheme that once again only benefits the two Power Bullies. We, the WHOLE state of NH, are the losers if this Thing gets its permits.

Here is an existing right of way with 44' poles. You can see the erosion running downhill to siltify the brook and the Pemi River that is less than 100 yards down stream. The proposed Northern Pass would have 95 foot Towers with four huge girder-like feet for each tower.

We tried to get involved with the beauty, nature, and unusual N.H. surroundings...
It didn't work.

We had to get away, so off to a new part of Costa Rica.
Howlers were super.

And the Two Toed Sloths were our first to see.

Big trees and a happy camper.
Here's Gretchen at graduation from University of Rhode Island's 
Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies.
She's a Level II trainer. Watch out!

Back from our travels, we found the driest year in the 40
 we have lived in NH. Here's the east fork of the Pemigewasset 
that goes around Ayers Island. 
No Kayaking here. 

Our well down went to just over one tile. It's usually up to the dark line-- 6 tiles deep.

We still managed to can pints + pints of tomatoes and quarts of 
grape juice. Green tomato relish. Dilly beans. Dried herbs. 
Frozen green beans.
Root crops: carrots and beets and potatoes.
Four or five cord of wood... cut, split and stacked.


Today we had a temperature swing from 0 degrees F last night to rain and 33 degrees at 3:00pm . We were treated with another visit from a Barred Owl just off our deck . 

With the state of our country and the Electoral College taking place tomorrow, I felt our Prayer Flags were weeping frozen tears.

I will explain more about the photos, if you ask... Barry