The challenges and rewards are greatest where two systems meet.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Razor's Edge: Interconnectedness and Allowing the Balance to Happen.

I have been watching nesting Loons and hatchlings on Hermit Lake for six years. Look closely (enlarge by double clicking). How many loons are in this photo?

It has been amazing to count the number of species I see on my frequent visits to the nesting area.

Our planet has evolved into a perfect working system supporting a multitude of species. For example, over 14,000 species alone live in Galls (oak puffballs are galls caused mostly by wasps). These species are filling their "Niches" and doing their thing to make the System/Habitat work. 

Hermit Lake is large enough to support a single pair of nesting loons.

The pair frequently hatches two chicks, as they did this year. One hatched June 23 just after 8:00 a.m. By 9:34 a.m. the baby was swimming and eating its first solid meal -- a small yellow perch.

In 24 hours, almost to the minute, the second egg hatched. I'm amazed at the look of caring expressed in this adult's eyes.  By June 25 all four of the loons had swam to the "Big Lake", about a 1/4 mile north of their nest.

When I returned to the larger lake on the 30th of June, I was greeted by this massive head. Its head is as large as my two hands folded together.
When I reached the family, I found only one chick and the two adults.
Even though I really like the baby loons, the snapping turtle has kept the population to a family of three.  As will the skunks if allowed to do "their thing" keep the population of snappers down.  All this happens naturally without harming the habitat of Hermit Lake.

This lake represents one small part of the Global System. But humans tend to single out events and attempt to improve or manipulate outcomes to suit themselves. This happens all over our world.

Our Earth and its interconnected systems require balance.  When one species dominates, that imbalance threatens the whole planet.

We can choose to be part of the natural system, or we can deny our very nature and fail as a species. 

There is so much to see and enjoy everywhere we walk, paddle, or peddle. This guy was with me for an entire paddle around the lake. Gretchen was very happy he chose My kayak.

Has anyone seen this beauty flitting about the area?
What would you name it?
Enjoy your niche.  "Share" in nature.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The edge of Summer and Monsanto wants my seeds

Wow it's June 14th and the garden is looking good 3/4 planted.

I am amazed at the wide variety of life that visits the garden mostly for pollination or feeding on pollinators.

Even the flower garden is spectacular and has its pollinators.

On May 24 there was a rally to stop Monsantos attempt to take over our food industry

... I think it has already happened. Here is a list 

I have also done some fun paddling on Hermit  Lake .

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Leaving home on the edge of Spring for Santo Domingo.

After a night of great talk and laughter we were off to Samana. 
Jonathan and Zoila helped us find the right bus.
Sights along the road

The ride was both reflective of the last trip and more troublesome with the effects of two more years of harsh conditions.

One irony was the number of fishermen along the coast seemed to have increased as we left the city. I saw no one with a fish and only one lone gannet on the 5 mile ride before we headed north. Probably no fish due to pollution.

The rows of dead oil palms of 2 years ago now had 4' tall saplings. The fields  seemed drier and yet the harvest was being done with a combine and people. They put bags of grain on horses and carried them off.

Las Galeras looked unchanged  and we had a nice welcome from Esther and Pierre. When I told Esther I was happy to see the "Bathroom" frog, she replied: "I must add the entertainment fee."
We dropped off our bags and walked to the beach. An amazing wind was perfect for this Kite surfer.

We had to share the beach.

Pierre's gift of gardening delivered even more spectacular "Mariposas" and "floras." 

Our stay at Sol Azul was beautiful, peaceful, and we met such interesting people.

The beauty just around the gardens kept me busy for hours snapping new creatures. The carpenteras were everywhere.
Pierre located this green serpentera. 
All this was the first 24 hours so the next post (within the week) will cover more of our doings in the "downtown " of Las Galeras.               
Hasta Manana!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Edge of the New Year

  Live Peace                                                     Viva la Paz
             Do No Harm                                    No Hacer Dano
                   Find the Joy                         Encontrar la Alegria

This is the beginning of 2013, another New Year. January brings a time of reflection and this time it is over 66 years. I am feeling a bit at loose ends. I now am totally in charge of "My" time and yet it seems to be flying by.

I decided to try some sketching of my photos and I enjoyed adding tidbits. I did a lot of thinking of my dad and his art work.

The garage-woodshed is working out famously.  It was a "bright" idea.

Climate change certainly has been a roller-coaster ride. We have had days of wind and temps in the teens. Gret and I took a ride around Newfound Lake which was mostly open. The brooks were beautiful ice sculptures.


Then on Jan. 12, Pam Hunt, Chris and I went searching for the Red-Headed Woodpecker at Four corners in Alexandria. We almost couldn't see it on top of a phone pole due to the dense fog.(Pam is walking up the road not 50' from me). 

Following the woodpecker, we drove to Gilford to spot a Townsend's Solitaire, a thrush from the west coast.  We also had a jealous raven who wanted his photo taken.

Robin Gray and I finally got some good photos of the Woodpecker from down south. Robin also found a Valentine Sculpture.
Beauty is outside.   Enjoy!