The challenges and rewards are greatest where two systems meet.

Monday, December 19, 2016


This has been a very full year. 
Full of gifts and beauty...


Full of Frustration...
Then there is our role as Interveners in protecting the Pemigewasset River from the harm of this huge for-profit-project -- NORTHERN PASS TRANSMISSION LINES. It's basically an extension cord from Hydro-Quebec in Canada to Mass.,Conn., and Rhode Island. 
There goes the summer.

Being an elementary school teacher much of my life, I have dealt with "Bullies" many times. But believe me, Corporations like Ever$ource and Hydro-Quebec are the WORST. Bullies want "their" way, but if common sense communication can be used with children, it works. Not with HQ or the new Power Bully Ever$ource. Both are used to getting their own way -- no matter what.

Northern Pass is a huge money making scheme that once again only benefits the two Power Bullies. We, the WHOLE state of NH, are the losers if this Thing gets its permits.

Here is an existing right of way with 44' poles. You can see the erosion running downhill to siltify the brook and the Pemi River that is less than 100 yards down stream. The proposed Northern Pass would have 95 foot Towers with four huge girder-like feet for each tower.

We tried to get involved with the beauty, nature, and unusual N.H. surroundings...
It didn't work.

We had to get away, so off to a new part of Costa Rica.
Howlers were super.

And the Two Toed Sloths were our first to see.

Big trees and a happy camper.
Here's Gretchen at graduation from University of Rhode Island's 
Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies.
She's a Level II trainer. Watch out!

Back from our travels, we found the driest year in the 40
 we have lived in NH. Here's the east fork of the Pemigewasset 
that goes around Ayers Island. 
No Kayaking here. 

Our well down went to just over one tile. It's usually up to the dark line-- 6 tiles deep.

We still managed to can pints + pints of tomatoes and quarts of 
grape juice. Green tomato relish. Dilly beans. Dried herbs. 
Frozen green beans.
Root crops: carrots and beets and potatoes.
Four or five cord of wood... cut, split and stacked.


Today we had a temperature swing from 0 degrees F last night to rain and 33 degrees at 3:00pm . We were treated with another visit from a Barred Owl just off our deck . 

With the state of our country and the Electoral College taking place tomorrow, I felt our Prayer Flags were weeping frozen tears.

I will explain more about the photos, if you ask... Barry