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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The beauty of this winter has been this "Bird of Power and Wisdom". He has been around our house for close to three months.
I have enjoyed observing this Barred Owl's patience, agility and ability to adapt to incredible changes in the weather.

  There were times when he seemed to snicker at the cold wind.
       and snooze when the temp. was 10 degrees.

The Arctic owls at the coast were a real treat.... thanks to Robin.

Our snow this winter remained on the ground in spite of those 30 + degrees days in Jan. + Feb.
This was our first real test to see if there is enough room for ALL the snow.  Definitely not! I shoveled space three times and it is still all backed up.

I did have a great day on Coolidge Woods Road.   
Met another photographer, Harry Moulton.
 We had a good time with this Red Tailed Hawk.

Super visit with good friends Ellen+ Jack

 A bit of a shock how much wood we are burning...... 
There were four full rows = 5 cords

One storm of the century turned into 8 hours of heavy rain and 30 degrees.
This poor guy ate bird seed and lots of husks.

The last storm was supposed to be 3 inches. We ended up with a foot.  Glad to have our new snowblower.
This old sage seems to be questioning ...
"When will those humans stop destroying the only Earth we have?"

NOTE:  Because of "the sequester" the National Amphibian Monitoring program is finished. Amphibians are the key species for giving us a warning when toxins are in our air or in our water. They also indicate the best habitats for capturing CO2.

 If there is no data, there is no climate change.

As Einstein said:   "The difference between genius and stupidity is there is a limit to genius."

 I am being thankful for small things.

Here are some very important articles that I read this month.  I want to share them with you.  (economy)  

Let me know what you think!