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Friday, May 8, 2015

Survival, Earthquake...... The Edge of Grieving

The World has changed since my last post. Nepal and the Kathmandu Valley was hit with a 7.8 earthquake on Saturday, April 25.  This has shaken me to the core. A month earlier, we were enjoying an amazing trip that connected us with kind and peaceful people in this same area.  Now, we fear for them and for their losses.

Tomorrow, we share our spectacular journey and experiences with friends and neighbors at the Gordon-Nash Library in our home town of New Hampton, New Hampshire.

The Good News is we have heard from almost all our new Nepalese friends, and they are safe. Many have lost their homes and work, but they have survived.

One school we visited is no longer standing, yet all 50 children and founder, Pushpa Basnet, and her staff are safe. They are living under a tarp over a greenhouse frame.  They need immediate supplies such as food, water and shelter for the upcoming monsoon season.  They have long-term needs for rebuilding a permanent home on their own land.
You can donate to the ECDC/ Butterfly House through the Utopia Foundation.  100% of your donation goes to Pushpa and the children.  Here's the link:

I will post again soon with a continuation of our adventures and an update on the people we know there.
Value each day ........   Namaste ... Barry