The challenges and rewards are greatest where two systems meet.

Friday, January 6, 2017


Gretchen and I ushered in the New Year again with a Wee Bonfire and some single Malt.
We decided the way we shall make it through this "Challenging" new period Is to focus on the many good deeds people throughout the world are doing and be strong to OUR convictions..... Like fighting Northern Pass and Greedy Corporations!

This is part of Ever$ource/ Northern Pass Transmission Lines preparations for their 100 foot plus tower Monstrosities. I chose it for my entry to the "Community Photo-Club" Challenge "Depict a Song Title".  Any more you can think of?

On Hogmanay we had a visit from our great neighbor Rob. C.  He was taking his newborn Scottish Highlander for a stroll.  A First sign of a happy new year for the Neighborhood.

There does seem to be a theme about being "Wise". This Barred Owl has continued to grace us with his presence this winter.

My first full day of my "7th" decade is a beauty. I am really working on remaining in the Present Moment and enjoying the Nature that surrounds us....
...and fostering Peace within and Peace without...

Happy New Year!