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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Over the Edge of 2013

The summer ended with some super tomatoes... 

and great times sharing "Nature Under our Noses" at a terrific girls' Camp run by the Circle Program.

Someone touches a snake - for the first time. 

Then, there was the trip to Northampton, Massachusetts with brother Rob. We found a shoe store (and the manager) where I had worked 47 years ago.

After that, the work began on what was supposed to be a simple job - replacing the boards on our deck. Well, the main carrying timber had major ROT.   My man Bill said, "Why bother repairing something that will only need more repairing."

Even to begin the job meant I cleared out under the old deck. Yikes, there's the canoe from the old Horace A. Moses Scout Reservation, circa 1969 (for us).  I moved a stack of firewood and found a HUGE woodchuck den.  ("That's where he was living...)

Bill was fearless as he just lopped off the old deck.

The floor joists went right up.

By September 5 we had our deck.  Can you see our new ramp?

We were also visited by an Ermine .... and to quote Ralph,  "It is the lesser of two weasels."

There are forces out there that have no use for our natural beauty and habitats.  MONEY seems to be their only motivator with no connections or concerns for the value of a healthy environment.

G.A.S.A.N. stated something along the lines of:  Perhaps, those who see no link with our economy and Nature, should try counting their money while HOLDING their breath.

My thoughts on this come from Jackson Pond, a beautiful wild place, now being drained.  

I decided to do an exhibit at the Gordon Nash Library and call it "Life in our Warm Water Ponds".

We had a super group of people at the Opening Reception.

Then, Winter arrived with all its beauty.

We put up our Charlie Brown tree on the new deck.

                            Christmas Bird Count with part of our loyal team.  

Gretchen and I celebrated on New Years Eve with a bonfire (bed by 11:00pm).  We burned some of the old rotten deck along with ancient manuscripts from the lady's years of testing in schools.

I have made a New Year's pledge to bring more fun and creativity into my life. I started by walking down near the Pemigewasset River.   I was rewarded with this amazing scene -- mergansers feeding frenzy. Check out the size of that fish!

       May Your 2014 be Creative and Fun!  
Let me know what's happening where you are...