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Sunday, May 30, 2010

May and Incredible Gliding Tree Frogs

Life is so full of wonderment, if we are able to pause and take it in. The first of May found Gretchen and me in one of our favorite places on Earth. We were in Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula staying at our favorite and most visited lodge (5 times in 11 years) Punta Marenco. Here we returned to be with old and new friends. The atmosphere of the lodge and the beauty of the rainforest and coast make for an ideal habitat for the best things in life. A highlight this trip was caused by an early rainy season. We found Gliding Tree Frogs in Corcovado National Park.

When we returned to NH we brought the weather of the Tropical Rainforest - 90 degrees in May. Things are awry, the wood frogs are calling but no egg masses and there are only spotted salamander eggs in the vernal pools.

Dragon flies are out on the river. This photo showed me a new surprise. Tucked legs equals less drag.

 White footed mice are more numerous -- perhaps an easier winter.

In one week I had three super encounters, thanks to Nature and neighbors.

Just yesterday a visit to some friends for dinner turned into another adventure. This time it was a swarm of honey bees. The trek took us to a part of NH we seldom visit and an Organic Farm run by super humans Bob and Jennifer. The swarm was on a branch of a Liberty Elm they had planted over 20 years ago. Robin braved the height, stings, and sweat to attempt to collect over 3 pounds of bees and hopefully the Queen.

Today I was awakened by the smell of smoke. It was different. It almost smelled like an old fire smoldering. Robert, a fellow science teacher and friend, called to inform me it was from many fires burning north of Montreal. We were able to talk and look at a site showing the fires on Google maps:

This haze is smoke carried by the North winds.

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