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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The edge of summer

This is a late posting of my early summer photos. Our spring was very cool and damp. Here are some ramps I have in a damp area near a stone wall.

This photo was taken on 5/8/07 - four years ago.
Ramps are wild leeks.

Same ramps 4/8/09

Ramps again 4/15/10

And this year 5/12/11

Over 4' of snow still at the back of our house on 4/27/11

By 6/11/11 the Red Maples blossomed

Other flowers followed soon after.... 
Blood roots

We had a year for wood peckers. 
A Hairy Woodpecker Nested just off our deck in a 
poplar tree. She's doing the house cleaning.

And a Yellow -Bellied Sapsucker set up house just west of us.

The pair of loons on Hermit Lake reused a nesting spot from 3 years ago. They successfully hatched two chicks. One hatched 6/20/11 and the second 6/21/11.

By 6/26/11 there was only one chick. 

A week later, the surviving one had grown considerably independent.

I will close with a carnivorous Pitcher Plant flower blooming on the bog next to the Loon's nest.

I promise to have a new post up within a week.
Be on the lookout for those spectacular little butterflies. Chive blossoms are a favorite haunt. 

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  1. the color on that pitcher plant is amazing! are they all that red? and is there a reason why they're so brilliant? i'm still noticing flowers blooming late - but wonder if end of summer signs are slowly appearing, like the turning of staghorn sumac foliage. i am always amazed at your bird shots. how on earth do you notice and capture them? looking forward to another post already. :-)