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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Edge of Green

April was an unusual month with morning temps ranging from 27 degrees on the 28th to 61 degrees on the 17th. Blossoms formed and then just sat there for much of the month. Both the pear tree and the apples finally opened around the 21st.

The maples started to leaf out too.

Choke cherries still hadn't opened.

The ferns couldn't wait.

The beech leaves all seemed to fall in early April giving a great background for the emerging Canadian Mayflowers.

Any ideas on this bee or wasp? He was just under an inch long hunting for small insects on our "spring" toothed harrow.

One of my favorites .
"Sow your........" very prolific this year.

Then a paddle on Hermit Lake in Sanbornton 4/2. A remarkable day for Painted Turtles. I counted 128 of them. 


Click on the photo to find the 10" Painted Turtle. This beaver lodge is over 6' tall!

           The daily changes in the shades of green, makes Spring
                          my favorite time of the of the year.

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  1. I like to stand in one spot, slowly turn all the way around, and take in all the different shades of green. Amazing that there could be that many variations.

    Today I went up into our woods, looking for the wild oats, one of my favorite wildflowers. At one time, there were so many, I spotted perhaps a dozen - and they were not yet in bloom, as they should be. It makes me wonder what's happening here.

    Love the turtles - and you saw that many?!? Wow!!