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Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Blog

Hola ,Today Mon., Feb. 8,2010 is my first blog . It is windy and cold 10 degrees at 6:30 am for the third day in a row .

I would like this blog to be a conversation of Kindness and Integrity . There is a lack of a sense of “being connected”   in our lives today . We need to find comfort in our curiosity . I took a walk late yesterday afternoon and was surprised to hear beech leave chattering in the wind . Still attached to their branches after all this wind . Then there was the gurgling of the paramecium like bubbles skirting under there cover of ice . Do bubbles ever freeze ? 

As I walked up the hill to home I found an eye catching shape in a frozen puddle .

Today is Feb. 21, as I reread this post I am choosing to post it  . Initially , I felt it was too personal and not enough pizazz . The  punch is being STRONG personally . Take the time to look around ourselves . See the beauty , take a survey of our environment ,ask the questions ,and search for answers . Even the sounds are different today from yesterday . Granted the wind is still howling , ripped the prayer flags from the house . The change is the chickadee is calling to its mate , and the red squirrels not only are chattering more ,they are attacking and falling out of trees in their asserting “ My genes are the best .” 

Love to hear of your observations 


  1. just last week, the little girl and i were standing still, listening to and watching chattering beech leaves! it made me wonder - what it is that makes them finally release, if not wind? new growth, maybe?? i'm so happy to see you're blogging and posting your wonderful photos. i'm going to "follow" you AND burn an RSS feed to your blog. i can't wait for another entry. tomorrow?? please? write on!!

  2. I will be following your blog as well with an RSS feed to my netvibes page. You have such a wonderful way of looking at the world, and I can't wait to hear more!

  3. Ahhh! So cool! Barry as soon as my finals are finished I'm going to pour over all of this!

  4. BARRY! these loon photos are fantastic!...just beautiful...but you need to get on facebook...I have a bunch of pics I want you to see and then you can advise me on photos and making a good blog etc do it...and soon! otherwise I will start travelling again