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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Springtail Spring

 Today is March 21 2010 . It is a super time to observe changes around you in New Hampshire . On my morning walk I found snowfleas of two species . One large and pink . I could probably fit seven of these on my little fingernail . The others tiny and black . These were much more active jumping so fast and high they seemed to be disappearing with no visible movement . They can do this because they possess a spring like appendage under their abdomen which is held in place by a trigger . When the trigger is released they are catapulted 50 times their own  height around 4'' .

  Along my walk I spotted wild leeks or ramps just unfolding .The pussy willow like catkins of the poplars are also opening . That's what the solitary bees have been feeding on . As I was looking up 12 Canada geese flew over heading North. Robins are foraging for food around the garden and woodpeckers are doing their mating flights . Life abounds whether we take the time to see it or not .


  1. i love that you take the time to see life abounding - and that you report it to us!
    for weeks and weeks, i have been looking for snow fleas! thanks for posting the picture of the ones you found.
    i saw canada geese too - a pair. they came swooping into the lake as i was taking pictures, then followed each other around not very far from me! pretty special!

  2. I'm a snow flea hunter too, ever since you told me about them!