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Thursday, August 5, 2010

National Writers Project/ Symbiotic Husband

This summer has included many adaptations and connections for me. Gretchen has been teaching at PSU for the National Writing Project. I knew my home duties would increase with her going to "the Project". The surprises came with my own connections with people and the environment because of my fringe relationship to the Summer Institute.

Here's an early expedition with friends from the Dominican Republic who attend the Summer Institute.
On this first encounter, we found creativity in a car:

And  the Browne house where Robert Frost visited.


We also discovered unusual organisms.  Does anyone know this stinging ant  species ?

    Here's one of the few amphibians to lay its eggs on land.

Each year the Plymouth Writing Project connects with a group of educators from Pakistan and hosts writing nights.  It is an amazing event.  The Pakistani educators attend a month long Leadership Institute at PSU.

It's interesting to share in so many experiences around education. Then, there is the point when the small group sheds its boundaries and we talk about family, joys and homes, and special places to visit in homelands.  It's the best of Humanity. 

PWP also sponsors writing camps in Plymouth and Laconia. I was asked to do some classes because of my background in science. 

         What great fun!

 I needed some prompts for their writing and found this beautiful Purple Fringed    Orchid in our beaver meadow.                           

 This pickerel frog: 
The garter snake was a big hit. The words for describing slugs were fantastic: Sticky ,slimy,rippling, invertebrate.

  We took one more excursion this time with Todd and Jen up to Rattlesnake

                   Then to the lake for Mt. Fuji ice cream creations. A SUPER DAY.

I never expected there could be so many surprises and connections around being a "House-husband".... and it is only the beginning of August.



  1. Thank you for sharing your adventures! These connections are one of my favorite gifts from the Writing Institute.

  2. Thanks again this is so cool. I cherish our friendship, i am loving having this site to inform me of environmental thoughts and information. Musicians live in a outside the box mentality, of creative mindsets, it is good to have u as a mentor and friend. Peace Barry and Gretchen.......