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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Loons, Damsels, and Coyotes..... Pittsburg N.H.

We just returned from four fabulous summer days in Pittsburg, NH. Climate Change is affecting everything so subtly. The Connecticut Lakes Region was very dry and hot for Sept. 1st.  Not to mention, many berries have already gone by. We only saw one moose but the other wildlife was spectacular.

Upon arrival on East Inlet we were greeted by a family of loons. I was amazed how large-bodied the two babies were.

We saw a flock of Canada Jays.

The Great Blue herons were fun as were the Kingfishers. This guy almost collided with the heron after an amazing dive.

We saw two families of otters, one on East Inlet and the other on Scott  Bog.

The birds of prey were also super!
This Northern Harrier circled the Inlet on a regular schedule.

We also saw this Kestrel which appeared to have been tethered at some point.

The loons were very vocal and active . This individual did a number of fly-bys.  We think he's getting ready for migration to the sea.

Even the insects were great!
This Common Green Darner appeared to be suspended by a sky hook.

The Emerald Spread Wings were breeding.

There were many butterflies including Mourning Cloaks, White Admirals, and this Comma.

My biggest surprise was a coyote feeding on grasshoppers around my truck at Big Brook Bog.  A real treat!


  1. Looks like another spectacular Pittsburgh trip! I am saddened, though, by the lack of moose. Is it significant, do you think - or just a fluke?

    I am continually amazed by your animals in motion - the way your camera freezes them in flight or midstep. Thanks for posting!

  2. must get some photography tricks from you stop by i will d a pic trip with you?,Henry and amy dog!!