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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Edge of the New Year

  Live Peace                                                     Viva la Paz
             Do No Harm                                    No Hacer Dano
                   Find the Joy                         Encontrar la Alegria

This is the beginning of 2013, another New Year. January brings a time of reflection and this time it is over 66 years. I am feeling a bit at loose ends. I now am totally in charge of "My" time and yet it seems to be flying by.

I decided to try some sketching of my photos and I enjoyed adding tidbits. I did a lot of thinking of my dad and his art work.

The garage-woodshed is working out famously.  It was a "bright" idea.

Climate change certainly has been a roller-coaster ride. We have had days of wind and temps in the teens. Gret and I took a ride around Newfound Lake which was mostly open. The brooks were beautiful ice sculptures.


Then on Jan. 12, Pam Hunt, Chris and I went searching for the Red-Headed Woodpecker at Four corners in Alexandria. We almost couldn't see it on top of a phone pole due to the dense fog.(Pam is walking up the road not 50' from me). 

Following the woodpecker, we drove to Gilford to spot a Townsend's Solitaire, a thrush from the west coast.  We also had a jealous raven who wanted his photo taken.

Robin Gray and I finally got some good photos of the Woodpecker from down south. Robin also found a Valentine Sculpture.
Beauty is outside.   Enjoy!


  1. Hi Barry,
    It's so nice to have found your blog, to see what you have been up to and your wonderful photography! It would be fun to go out into the woods with you and take some pictures sometime.

    Have you heard of Viktor Schauberger? I wouldn't be surprised if you have.. His insights into nature are just amazing. Check it out:

    I hope you are doing very well,
    best regards,
    Hanz Busch

  2. Hey, my friend. It is always great to take a look at these images of pure nature. I just love your fotos. I wrote a message by Gret's e-mail. Hope you could see it. Missing you. Take care