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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Leaving home on the edge of Spring for Santo Domingo.

After a night of great talk and laughter we were off to Samana. 
Jonathan and Zoila helped us find the right bus.
Sights along the road

The ride was both reflective of the last trip and more troublesome with the effects of two more years of harsh conditions.

One irony was the number of fishermen along the coast seemed to have increased as we left the city. I saw no one with a fish and only one lone gannet on the 5 mile ride before we headed north. Probably no fish due to pollution.

The rows of dead oil palms of 2 years ago now had 4' tall saplings. The fields  seemed drier and yet the harvest was being done with a combine and people. They put bags of grain on horses and carried them off.

Las Galeras looked unchanged  and we had a nice welcome from Esther and Pierre. When I told Esther I was happy to see the "Bathroom" frog, she replied: "I must add the entertainment fee."
We dropped off our bags and walked to the beach. An amazing wind was perfect for this Kite surfer.

We had to share the beach.

Pierre's gift of gardening delivered even more spectacular "Mariposas" and "floras." 

Our stay at Sol Azul was beautiful, peaceful, and we met such interesting people.

The beauty just around the gardens kept me busy for hours snapping new creatures. The carpenteras were everywhere.
Pierre located this green serpentera. 
All this was the first 24 hours so the next post (within the week) will cover more of our doings in the "downtown " of Las Galeras.               
Hasta Manana!

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