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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Northern Pass Too Much to Swallow

        Northern Pass Transmission lines could be the largest disruption and scar on our "Scenic" State since Interstate I-93.

This graphic was created by Bury the Northern Pass

We have been attending Technical sessions in Concord 
since September. The top photo shows the Deerfield Aubutters. 
Below are "the Applicants'" lawyers and two "Experts".  

Then, we have taken some special walks out our door 
and down the field. This walk took us to the beaver pond 
that is on the power line Right of Way.

                Northern Pass proposes to place a 90' tower here... 
in the beaver pond.
The choice I am working on is ... not to ignore the Greedy Corporations attempting to wipe out our environment, but to change my daily focus on to the "here" and "now".
 This fellow was walking next to me in my greenhouse which has provided me with tidbits of greenery ALL winter long, heated by an aquarium heater in a 40 gallon container of water.

               I have also enjoyed helping neighbors "Tap Out"

And of course we had our own winter "Work Outs".
It is so important to be aware -- and grateful -- of the Natural Beauty around us and to keep working to preserve it.

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