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Friday, October 6, 2017

Stepping back from the edge ... being creative.

  This summer has slipped by again, out of my control. We spent too much time with Northern Pass. It took way too much of our energy ... didn't even see that one.

  I did take a wonderful Print Making course with Annette Mitchell and a cluster of amazing women artists. Yes I was the only man in the group. I learned so much. It was a real boost.

              Here is a print I did of the Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu.

I hope this can be printed as a 2 card set on 8.5x11

 Another break was the wonderful sharing that takes place in a National Writers course at P.S.U. called Writing Our Communities. We visited Fox Run Park to discover Water Scorpions and Whirligig Beetles living in an aquatic Community.

     Then there was the last Sight Evaluation Comm. Tour. They visited some sites that will be HIGHLY impacted by Northern Pass. Here is downtown Plymouth N.H. where the "proposed route" will go right under Main St.

My only hope is the SEC will listen to the people of N.H. and come out as Heroes. I do believe the majority of them have hearts.

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