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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Mother Earth on the Edge

We are just back from a Re-Energizing trip to the "Edge" of Costa Rica and Panama. The beauty of Manzanillo is spectacular.

This trip hammered home the importance of Sustainability. This area was once a major Cacao producer (total mono-culture) and a fungus wiped out the crop. Now the battle concerns the balance between small Eco-tourism / small land owners and large plantations of Bananas/ and Large Hotels.  

We saw the endangered Great Green Macaw thanks to the efforts of the ARA Project -- a small staff and volunteers bring these birds back to the wild.

We also were fortunate to observe a 180 year-old female Leather Back turtle, the size of a VW beetle , lay her mass of eggs at the Gandoca Preserve. It was a life changing experience. These organisms swam with dinosaurs and our inaction (and destructive habits) could wipe them from existence.

On this Earth Day #48 it is more important than ever before to Change the Way we live. We need to reflect daily on our actions. "How can I curb CLIMATE CHANGE?"  Every small act we make is so important!

All of these beautiful organisms deserve to survive.






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