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Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Edge of Awareness

The current trend towards "immediate information" dulls our ability to be in the present. We frequently are unaware of where our feet are touching the earth..... let alone able to see the connections taking place as we pass through our every day life.
   Here is some beauty I almost missed.

                   Banded Net-Winged Beetle

            Can anyone id. this aquatic grass in flower?.... E. Inlet Pitts. NH
                           Dew on a spider web by the garden

               And this tiny American toad almost inside an acorn cap

  An 8" brand new skin, Red Bellied snake showed up under a tarp in the lower garden

We also are very thankful for friends and their kindness. Hillary P. donated wonderful Concord grapes after ours were feasted on by "critters". 
We put up 24 quarts of Helen + Scott Nearing's grape juice.

  Our Stand Against Northern Pass had a good day at the Hearing last week. A large crowd from up North of the Notch were present for their showing of "Negative Impacts of Northern Pass".

                  The panel of Presenters were Awesome.

As we approach another winter my hope is for Peace, Justice, and Empathy

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