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Monday, April 13, 2015

Bhaktapur pottery and people, then the amazing drive to Namobuddha

At every turn there was a photo and a smile.

                                                      We did eat very well.

Bhaktapur is known for its Pottery.  There are great clay deposits and super talent with a stick for spinning the potting wheel. Then the pots are fired in a sort of wheat fueled kiln and sun dried.

These special bowls are made with seven metals for the seven Chakras. Gretchen sure looks like there were "Good Vibrations". 

Then it was time for Mike to add to his elephant herd.

We left the city and drove by many brick works, each with its own insignia stamped in the mold.
Any guess for the number of bricks in this one stack?

The sights on the road are even photo worthy with a max speed in the 40 mph range.

Nepalese believe in "beautifying" everything and their trucks are works of art.

In a short time the switchbacks increased and we were really climbing to the "Hills" (over 5,000')

Here's the 143' tall Shiva, Kailashnath, not sure if it beats the Buddha in Taiwan for height.

Almost at the Namobuddha Guest house -- the views are great.

Wait until you see the Himalayas in the morning...

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