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Monday, April 20, 2015

Namobuddha Organics on the Edge of the Himalayas.

On arrival at the Namobuddha Eco Resort, we met Ingrid. She and her husband built this super guest house using local builders and materials. Their goal has been to be a model of sustainable farming and responsible tourism. She reminded me of Helen Nearing.

Night life at the night light: 
the brown guy looks like an Asian Gypsy Moth

What a spectacular sunrise!  It is our first view of the Himalaya Mountains.

Sunrise ladies Helena, Allie, and Cassandra

Common Mynah bird, they are great mimickers .

On the way to the Namu Buddha Stupa.  This small town has the same name.  It's one of the great Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal.  This smaller shrine is at the base of the steep path and many steps to the main temple and monastery.  No one ever said it would be easy...

Ladies digging up compost from a huge "communal" pile

Happy campers + monks

Had a great time with "The Matts" taking photos and spotting birds.
White Cheeked Bulbul

     Blue Fronted Red Start .....what a beauty!

Next up: Monks, Prayer flags, and on to Nagarkort.

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