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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day... The edge of responsibility.

Happy Earth Day to all. These "special"days have such a Hallmark greeting card feel to them. Once a year we acknowledge "we" are part of the environment and hopefully do something responsible to make the Earth a better place.

Last night I was finishing a book by the Dalai Lama, "Ethics for the New Millennium.  He states:  an individual's "lack of contentment is the source of damage to our natural environment and, thereby, of harm to others. Which others? In particular, the poor and the weak. Within their own community, though the rich may be able to move to avoid, for example, high levels of pollution, the poor have no choice"...... "If we choose not to modify our behavior out of respect for others' equal right to happiness and not to suffer, it will not be long before we notice the negative consequences."

Just back from Kathmandu, Nepal his words are so right. The poor are already feeling the ills of our greed. The amazing gift of this trip for me was the attitude of the Nepali people. These wonderful people were so giving and peaceful. Their wealth was inner, and they shared openly.

This is yet another Earth Day with major political powers arguing over the question of Climate Change. The truth is the only thing we can change is how "We" fit into this beautiful planet.  Do we continue to be the ONLY species on Earth ruining its own habitat?  Or, do we change and assume our personal responsibility.   Do we learn and act on living our own lives sustainably.

Namaste ... Barry

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