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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The outer Edge of Earth..... Nepal

We have done it again -- yet another "Life changing trip". This time we traveled to Nepal with an amazing group of students and faculty from the University of Rhode Island. The main purpose of the trip was a 3 Day Seminar on Peace and Nonviolence training based on Martin Luther King's philosophy and being.  The seminar combined students and teachers from Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, members of the Nepali military, NGO representatives and us.

   We met up at JFK New York and boarded the largest passenger plane built (the one on the right).

After +/-15 hrs on the flying hotel we landed at the Dubai Airport. This is what it REALLY looked like through my eyes.

We then boarded the plane on the left and flew over the City
those buildings in the foreground are 50 stories tall.

We landed exhausted in Kathmandu and crashed at the Airport Hotel and woke to the SPECTACLE .

First photo with Buddha 

And did I mention 15 super students and 3 other staff.. ready to Rock&Roll to Bhaktapur

On the walk Gret really was taken with another Tractor.

So many GREAT faces

Want to buy an Elephant?

Stay tuned for Mike's second Elephant.

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